April 23, 2015


[Sponsored Post] Arrived pretty late for the colder weather but here is a coat and dress generously provided by Romwe! Was supposed to blog about these clothes much much sooner but I got sick ~.~ daijoubu daijoubu my body’s finally cooperating today; sleep paralysis aside lolol =.=;;

April 19, 2015


I put up something together what seem like my bae, Nyeong.E, would wear. I’m still intrigued with her youthful style ;; Always keeping an eye on her store and ig updates! But I think what really captivates me is her puffy cheeks and cartoon-ish hair style haha. u_u I’m helplessly smitten!

April 17, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Watch me embarrass myself lol. I get few questions/requests here and there on how I edit my Instagram pictures.. I know posts like these are so clichés nowadays but I thought I’d like to practice a bit on vlogging ♡

April 14, 2015


I received a beautiful necklace from Cindy Leper all the way from Italy just last week. I couldn’t contain my happiness because it’s just SO splendid!! But before anything else, let us get to know more about the brand, shall we?

CINDY LEPER is an independent jewelry brand focused on handmade one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces. My aim is to conjugate the italian artisanal tradition of my family and a modern dark, edgy aesthethics.
Simple and clean geometries, black and white, dark fine wood essences, unusual industrial and organic materials (both upcycled and ethically sourced) are the main components of my work.
Inspiration and research for product making includes: ethnography, dark fashion, architecture, cultural studies, folk studies, underground culture.

April 11, 2015

April 10, 2015

Macabre Gadgets SS15

It took me a while but I am so glad to finally show you guys the latest drops of accessories Macabre Gadgets has sent me. This time they sent me four gloriou$ pieces //cries thanks for believing in my blogging capability lolol

If this is the first time you alight upon Macabre Gadgets, then here’s the introduction or visit my two previous blog posts about them here.

Macabre Gadgets is inspired by the infernal aesthetics of the dark side, which is inherent by the world view of mankind at all times, epochs and styles, from the early Middle Ages to progressive postmodernism.
The Macabre mood of jewels is embodied by cutting-edge and traditional jewelry execution techniques and materials: pressed coral, silver & gold inlaid precious & semi-precious stones, pearls and metals.
All gadgets are handmade.