March 26, 2015

Coloured Raine In Truffle

Salem is the first product from Lime Crime that I’ve tried and I’ve fallen head over heels with it~ It was every bit of truth from the Velvetines hype. However within only 5months of usage it ran out and ever since then I’ve been in the look out for a dupe. There are a lot of heated discussions on blogs and forums for alternative products but Coloured Raine’s Truffle is what convinced me most.

March 21, 2015

Gugure! Kokkuri-San | 繰繰れ!コックリさん

I added a new category on my blog; Anime. LOOOOL but it’s empty! And since I promised myself to be an active blogger I decided to speak whatever floats my boat.. And also to pay homage to my unspoken love for anime. Well, tbh I’m just a casual anime viewer but even so! I think we can all agree that anime has taught us a lot of things and they are ones that are with us when times get tough rough on the rocks~
But I’m not just going to talk about random anime that I watched. I’d rather give the spot light to my favorites. Although I’d rather keep it short since all I want to do is give an intro and talk mainly about how I feel.

March 19, 2015


[Sponsored Post]
Flared Skirt | SheInside
At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I made the right choice to pick this skirt haha because the model pulled it off in a really different style that is far from what I’d wear. I gave it a go anyway because of how voluminous the skirt looks. And for me, silhouette and texture is everything. I mean mostly I wear black so the combination of materials and silhouette will be the center of attention. Did I make sense? lol.
When I received this skirt I immediately love it, the way this skirt flared is quite perfect and something I can incorporate to my style! The material is pretty thick too so it’s comfy for Spring weather. The only con I can say is that I got it in a size wee small for me >,< If you’re planning to order the same then I’d recommend to size up! Other than that you’ll probably see me wearing this skirt more here on my blog.

March 16, 2015

What A girl Likes [LLSIF]

Hello hello~~
Once again I’m here to write about Love Live School Idol Festival because there was another event last March 5, and this time it’s no other than my waifu, Nico Yazawa. If you read my previous post about LLSIF, you probably know that there is nothing more I’ve been waiting for but this!

March 14, 2015

Camden Town

[IMG HEAVY] Heard so much about this place from Shoushi (@we_can_do_anything) like most of his stay here he spent roaming around Camden Town, and now I know why! This place is so rich with amazing culture. And it's really big I think a day is not enough if you really want to immerse yourself. I'm not sure if I should put it this way but it's the Harajuku of London. Here are some photos I managed to take while going around, this is just the entrance or nearest to the tube station but the whole street stretches like an avenue long. I NEED to come back there and browse peacefully.

March 12, 2015


OH WOW so nice to finally wear this oversized pull over again! I bought this from a thrift store in Brussels 2 years ago~ when I left for Manila I didn't bring it with me so I thought I lost it forever.. But my visit in Brussels last month proved me wrong haha. I saw this on the charity bag my mom plan to give to church! I snatched it back and brought it here with me. It's so comfy!! I remember seeing this at the thrift store. When I yanked it out of the shelf I broke the hanger lolol and the shop keeper said "oh..." but then "you can break as many hangers as you like" LOL.