September 29, 2015

International London Tattoo Convention

[IMAGE HEAVY] So I make it a thing that every year I attend at least one tattoo convention and this year, since I’m lucky enough to be in London, I decided to check out the International London Tattoo Convention that was held in Tobacco Dock..
The venue looked like a dungeon, with all the metal gates, tunneled rooms and dark alleys.. So to say, I think it’s the perfect place! Very spacious halls that accommodated the heavy crowd easily~
Organizers should be very proud because the whole event is very very organized, too organized if I dare say so myself..

July 15, 2015

HyperJapan 2015

[IMAGE HEAVY] So stoked to blog about my first experience at HyperJapan that happened at the O2 Stadium here in London. I went to the last day which is Sunday.. Even if I had to queue for an hour, all the frustration built up was gone the moment I entered the hall.. It was just pure enjoyment and happiness to be able to bask in jculture once again!! Cannot express how much I’ve been looking forward to this! I obviously missed a lot of events that happened the previous days but anyway, let’s focus on the good things!

July 2, 2015


Still on the topic about 2nd hands, might as well blog about this app that I didn’t know I needed until I tried it, Depop! It’s basically a buy and sell app, but hella good.. Especially if you’re like me who wants to get your hands on the best deals available..!! The interface is really smooth, I would say it’s like instagram but with buy button on the pictures/posts.. There are tons of instagram sellers out there and it’s super convenient that finally an app like this can cater to the mobile shopaholics..

..Literally shopping on my phone, oh what a time to be alive! XD

June 28, 2015

New Mayor In Town

As I descend deeper into neet lyfe, I finally got a copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf just the other day.. I’ve been wanting to try out this game FOR SO LONG. I enjoy reading blog posts about it for years and years! I even got a 3DS just so I can try it out.. Better late than never I guess~
I think I first heard about this game from Vermillion 2 years ago on her blog when she got her 3ds XL and I thought it was so cute..
Anyway, this 3ds is my first gaming console ever so that’s probably why I was skeptic about buying one.. Even waited for a really good deal before going for it.. And, I even got a ds lite just last week but silly me, ofc I can’t play New Leaf in that hahaha. ORZ

June 17, 2015

From Here On

[Sponsored Post] Another long due review I have for Walktrendy~ It’s a Hong Kong based webstore but they also have facility in the US :3 Their vast choices of clothes are also affordable and up to trend! I think it’s worth a browse if you have time.. Anyway, they sent me a dress to review so here goes..

June 11, 2015


[Sponsor Post] Long due review post for Sheinside. I’m so sorry it took me only now to review this! But in return I can actually attest to the product’s quality since I’ve worn it several times already!
Ripped High Waist Jeans | Sheinside