November 21, 2015

Etude House: Dear Darling Tint In Vampire Red

GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE!! I’ve generally ignored Etude House cosmetics when I was in Manila. I thought they’re very overhyped and invested more on packaging rather than the quality of their products. But when I came here in UK, my thirst for asian cosmetics is something that drove me insane..

I’ve bought a lot of lip tints from the local drug stores here but nothing really satisfied me in terms of shade and lasting consistency, so after much wasted £££ I decided to give up and come running home to Etude House.
What used to never exist in my make-up bag is now my most indispensable weapon.
This £3 lip tint is something I can’t leave the house without.

November 6, 2015

ACNL Update

Aside from work one of the biggest reasons why I was gone/painfully inactive for some months is because of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (GASP). I had to let go of all the other games I was playing as well. LoveLive, Touken Ranbu, Cytus, etc.. All thrown out the window to make way for Animal Crossing. I suck at game time management, ok? Also it’s like I found everything I needed in this little world. I refused to see friends, refused to dress up make myself pretty, refused good sponsorship offers, piled up sponsored posts, locked myself in a dark room and just disappear (apart from the occasional struggle of updating my twitter and ig).
Next thing I knew 2015 is almost over and everyone has moved forward while I’m still here, clutching my 3ds.. Was it worth it though? YES! (Haha, not really! But I am having fun)

So, um, for what its worth, here are what’s up recently!

November 4, 2015


[Sponsored Post]So I don’t know but I have this thing in my head where I want to hoard a lot of coats for winter just because I feel like I’m still not so familiar with every kind and I just want to learn which is for what. But coats are so fucking expensive. Last winter I only had 2 coats to get me through the season, and while that’s actually enough (since I only wear black ones anyway), I’m not satisfied.. I guess I’m just looking for the perfect one? Maybe idk.
Peeps from was kind enough to give me store credits in exchange for a review and of course I just had to get a coat! Mind you they gave me a generous amount, I could’ve gone for more than one item but nope, just one COAT.

Black Tweed Duffle Coat | YOINS.COM
Shipping time took a week, not bad, considering their warehouse is located in Hong Kong. And customer service is also top notch. Jason, who handled my transaction, is almost always online.. And I do appreciate that he reads my blog and would indicate interest in what I do, that’s a really nice touch (creepy but it works haha). Thanks Jason. So yeah, web shop itself I never really had any problems.

October 19, 2015

GEO White Lens

Back from an unexpected hiatus is my lenses review for LensFlavors' GEO White Lens w/ black outer rim! This is my first time to try a really bold design that is more suited for Halloween and Cosplays rather than everyday dolly look (except for the sclera!), so I went a bit out of my comfort zone here to pull it off.

September 29, 2015

International London Tattoo Convention

[IMAGE HEAVY] So I make it a thing that every year I attend at least one tattoo convention and this year, since I’m lucky enough to be in London, I decided to check out the International London Tattoo Convention that was held in Tobacco Dock..
The venue looked like a dungeon, with all the metal gates, tunneled rooms and dark alleys.. So to say, I think it’s the perfect place! Very spacious halls that accommodated the heavy crowd easily~
Organizers should be very proud because the whole event is very very organized, too organized if I dare say so myself..

July 15, 2015

HyperJapan 2015

[IMAGE HEAVY] So stoked to blog about my first experience at HyperJapan that happened at the O2 Stadium here in London. I went to the last day which is Sunday.. Even if I had to queue for an hour, all the frustration built up was gone the moment I entered the hall.. It was just pure enjoyment and happiness to be able to bask in jculture once again!! Cannot express how much I’ve been looking forward to this! I obviously missed a lot of events that happened the previous days but anyway, let’s focus on the good things!